My Archery Story

I started shooting when I was 7 years old, in 2005. I started shooting with Hoops Archery, which closed down, after my father was showing me some summer camp ideas. He saw that there was an archery summer camp, which was when he asked me if I wanted to try it. I have never been around archery, other than what I saw on the TV, I said of course! He then proceeded to show me all of his old equipment which got me even more interested!

I still remember the first day of the camp.

The first time I touched and shot a bow.

The first time shooting a Bull’s Eye.

Which to everyone’s surprise was my first arrow!

From there, I trained with the team, whom the majority of them where in their early to mid teenage years. Competing every change that I got. In 2009, I got my first major win, placing 2nd at JOAD Nationals. I shot with Hoops, then Lunenburg Archers, for the first 6 years of my archery carrier.  After I knew that I wanted to start shooting Nationally, so I had to change coaches, as I outgrew the ones that I was with. It’s okay to outgrow coaches, and coaches need to be aware and accept the fact that some students have out grown them, and for the sack of the student, let them go. They will continue to grow and will remember the times that everyone had together. In 2011, I started shooting with Teresa Johnson. Teresa is a level 4 NTS coach. I worked with her for two years. She started me on the National circuit, which I have been participating in ever since then. I was in the cadet division,the official distance for cadets is 60 meters. The first year on the national circuit I went for experience, the bonus was when I placed 12th in the Cadet USAT listing. USAT is the USA Archery Team. After my first year on the circuit I started attending Junior Dream Team, JDT, camps, with the recommendation of Teresa. There I learned a lot more about the NTS process, made friends all over the country, and shot all day for a week straight. The top 5 people get sponsorships and when you get on the Junior USAT you get a free international trip. The second year I placed 5th on the Cd. USAT making me a part of the USA Team. After working with Teresa, I went to the Olympic Training Center at 16 years old, in 2014. I trained out there for 90 days, working with the Head Coach KiSik Lee, and the Assistant Head Coach Guy Kruger, while being a Junior in High School.  During that time period, I met Dee Falks, who later became my personal coach, while the OTC was hosting the JDT camp. After leaving the program, I went back to the JDT, this time as a full member, where Dee became my personal coach.  Under his coaching, I learned so much. There were a few points on my form that I could not grasp, but he took the time and taught it to me in a different way. Leading me to place 2nd on USAT.
While working with Dee, I have won many tournaments, gone on International trips, and furthered my love of archery. Some of my more prominent moments were Winning Outdoor Nationals in 2015, going to Rome, Italy as part of the JDT, where I might not have come close to placing, but where I learned a LOT, then to placing 1st during qualifications and 2nd during eliminations in 2016, in Iguazu, Argentina .  In 2017, I decided to take a break from shooting fro two years, until I graduated, to focus on my school. I was transferring to Florida Institute of Technology, which was going to be taking up a lot of energy, and they did not have an archery team. I couldn’t stay away from the sport so I created the Florida Tech Archery Club. I was the president for a few years and passed it on. While doing that, I coached on the side. Once graduation was near, December 2019, I started preparing to get back into tournament shape.


I am a level 2 coach, working towards my level 3. I have worked with many different types of people, young and old. One of my biggest accomplishments as a coach was to help two students fall back in love with the sport. They were on the verge of quitting, but with some much needed help they were able to get back into the sport and find a coach and team that suited them. I was just the vessel to help them get too where they needed.

Personal Achievements


  • Picked up a bow for the very first time


  • Place’s 2nd at JOAD Indoor Nationals in my age group


  • Learned the NTS in 6-8 weeks


  • Shot my first ever World Indoor World Championships
  • Shot my first USAT tournaments. 
  • Was the first person to shoot an Uukha in the United States



Trained at the Olympic Training Center for 3 months

  • Bronze and Silver Olympian Indoor Pin
  • Outdoor Nationals 4th Place Qualification
  • Indoor National 5th Place
  • SoCal Showdown 5th Place
  • Texas Shootout 5th Place
  • Selected in the Cadet United States Archery Team – 5th member



  • Gold Olympian Indoor Pin
  • Outdoor Nationals 3rd Place Qualification
  • Outdoor Nationals 2nd Place Elimination Round
  • Arizona Cup 3rd Place Elimination Round
  • Arizona Cup Team Rounds 2nd Place
  • Gator Cup Team Rounds 1st Place
  • SoCal Showdown 4th Qualification Round
  • SoCal Team Rounds 3rd Place
  • Selected in the Cadet United States Archery Team- 2nd Member


  • Arizona Cup 4th Place Qualification (International)



  • Outdoor Nationals 1st Place
  • Indoor Nationals 2nd Place
  • 2nd Place 2015 Colligate 3D Nationals
  • SoCal 3rd Place Qualification
  • Gator Cup 4th Place
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Olympian Outdoor Pins
  • Selected in the Junior United States Archery Team- 3rd Member


    • United States Colligate Archery 3D Regionals 1st Place
    • United States Colligate Archery 3D Nationals 2nd Place
    • Colligate All American Award


  • 2nd Leg of the European Youth Cup Championship- 8th Place Rank
  • Arizona Cup 5th Qualification


  • Received my first client to design and maintain their website.


  • United States Archery Indoor Nationals 5th Place
  • United States Archery Gator Cup Qualifications 3rd Place
  • United States Archery Outdoor Nationals Team Rounds 2nd Place
  • Buckeye Classic Qualifications 1st Place-Junior
  • Buckeye Classic Qualification 1st Place- Colligate


    • United States Colligate Archery Indoor Regionals 1st Place
    • United States Colligate Archery Indoor Nationals 1st Place
    • United States Colligate Archery Outdoor Regionals 1st Place
    • United States Colligate Archery Outdoor Nationals 1st Place
    • United States Colligate Archery Outdoor Regionals Eliminations 1st Place
    • United States Colligate Archery All American
    • United States Colligate Archery All Academic


    • Argentina World Ranking Event Qualifications 1st Place
    • Argentina World Ranking Event Eliminations 2nd Place
    • Argentina World Ranking Event Mix Teams 1st Place


  • Starting up an archery club at Florida Institute of Technology.


  • United States Archery Indoor Nationals 5th Place – Senior
  • Arizona Cup Qualifications 2nd Place – Senior
  • World Team Trials First Cut


    • United States Archery Indoor Nationals Qualifications 1st Place – Collegiate
    • United Stated Archery South Eastern Regionals Qualifications 2nd Place – Collegiate
    • USA Nationals – Mixed Team 3rd Place
    • USA Nationals – Teams 3rd Place
    • United States Archery Collegiate National Championship Runner Up
    • USA All American
    • Arizona Cup Qualifications 1st Place – Collegiate
    • Gator Cup Qualifications 2nd Place – Collegiate


  • Brought some FIT students from the archery club to Indoor Nationals.
  • Started coaching local kids


  • Graduated from Florida Institute of Technology with my Bachelor of Science in Global Management and Finance

2020: – Covid Year

  • Committed to returning to the United States Archery Team Circuit 
  • Seriously started my website design business to allow me the freedom to pursue my goals and dreams in the sport of archery.


  • Shot my first SYWAT shoot. Placed 1st in the division for that shoot
  • Indoor Nationals placed 24th in the Senior Division
  • Recommitted to health, working out, and shooting