DIY Support Services

We’re ready to help you on your DIY journey.

A Few Tips:

Be consistent with your Branding. Your Brand needs to have the same feel across all your social media platforms, your marketing, your proposals, Canva Visuals, and especially across your website pages. These are some of the things that you want to make sure flow from one thing to the next.


To help you with this, create a moodboard! A moodboard will have all of the information that you need on it to help you. So make sure to keep it handy when you are creating anything for your business.

Alice Buswell | Nature’s Arrow offers three different types of DIY Support!

Website Audit

We will be taking a deeper look at your website pages, gathering lots of notes on each page, and then during our 1-hour call, we’ll go over the notes with you and discuss it!

At the end of the call, you’ll receive all of my notes which you’ll have access to at any time! 

This service is a $500 value for only $150!

Help! Fix My Problem

You bring your DIY problem(s) to us, give us a detailed explanation, and what you’re looking to do and we’ll get them all sorted out for you!

Investment is $1,500 for a days worth of work. Additional time needed will be continued at my hourly rate.

Consultation Package

In this package, you’ll be getting six 1 hour sessions that can be booked at any time once purchased to help you with your website.

Think of these are strategy calls. We’ll talk about what needs to happen on your website, and how to go about them. Then you’ll take what we talked about and apply them!

We can strategize around your branding, your landing pages, a redesign for a page, or a redesign for your whole website.

This is perfect for DIYers who want to work on their websites themselves, but who just need a little support! 

Investment is $2,000

Schedule a Discovery call so we can get to know each other and to talk about what it is that you are wanting consultations on.

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