DIY Support Services

Has your business grown to the point that you need help, but aren’t quite ready to hire full time support?

Or maybe you enjoy the feeling of accomplishment you get by DIYing your biz whenever possible?

Nature’s Arrow Design wants to support you wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, so we’ve designed offers to meet you where you’re at—even if you aren’t quite ready to commit to a full package.

We offer packages that let you lean on our expertise for guidance but still keep you involved in the implementation process. Our three main DIY Support Services are:

  • Website Audits
  • Help! Fix My Website Problem
  • Consultations.

Ready to find out more about the ways we can help you succeed by staying within your budget while still getting the support you need?


If you feel like your website is underperforming, but not sure why? Then this package is for you! 

In a website audit, I will take a deep look at every aspect of your website from load speeds to SEO and beyond, noting each aspect that can be improved. 

Once I have that prepared, we’ll schedule a call where we have an entire hour together to discuss the notes and recommendations and how best to approach implementing them in the future.

When we’re done you come away not only with the detailed notes you can access any time, but a clear and concise road map for turning your website into an extension of the vision you have for your business.

You’ll receive: 

  • Detailed notes on how to ensure your website is working with not against you. 
  • A one hour call to ensure all your questions and concerns are answered.

This service is a $700 value for only $300!

HELP! Fix My Problem

You’re pretty good at DIYing your website, but this one problem has you stuck. No worries, sometimes you just need to borrow some extra expertise to get you back on track!  

With this package you hand the reins over to us for a day. We’ve made the process super simple, give us a detailed explanation of your issue and the desired outcome for fixing it, and we’ll get to work.

You’ll receive: 

An entire day of specialized attention from our expert and owner, Alice Buswell.* 

Investment is $1,500

*Includes 8 hours of focused expertise with additional time needed will be continued at Alice’s hourly rate


Have some important updates that will need to be implemented over a period of time? Maybe you want to upgrade product descriptions or add additional capabilities? 

You’re pretty sure you can handle it, but want backup every step of the way. Then our consultation package is exactly what you need. 

Think of these as personalized strategy calls. We’ll talk about what needs to happen on your website and the process for implementing those changes. Then once we’ve got you confident in the process, you’ll take what we talked about and apply them!

Our goal, over these 10 sessions, is to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. We can refine your brand strategy, assess your landing pages, plan a redesign for a single page, or map a redesign for your entire website!

This is perfect for DIYers who want to work on their websites themselves, but who just need consistent support over a defined period of time.

Investment is $2,000

Schedule a Discovery call so we can get to know each other and to talk about your vision and goals for your consultation package.