Blondies Buddies Fur-Baby Sitting and More

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Blondies Buddies Fur-Baby Sitting and More

Blondies Buddies Fur-Baby Sitting and More

Professional Pet Sitter in Blaine, MN

Website Completion: December 2020

Project Type: DIY Support, Help! Fix My Problem

Additional Services: Maintenance

The Case

Ashley, the owner of Blondies Buddies Fur-Baby Sitting and More, reached out to me in October to be able to help her with maintenance on her Google Site that she worked hard to put. Since then, she would be reaching out to me every two weeks to help her with a few things. 

She wanted to add a Blog function that at this time is not compatible with a Google Site, so I introduced her to Squarespace. A heavy template based website creation software that would be perfect for her. Squarespace is an all in one website builder that allows for easy updating, creation, and in the future add ons if ever necessary. 

Ashley’s Requirements:

  •  Blog
  • Easy to Use Navigation
  • Uses all of her creation


We started the websites the the Paloma template for podcasts and blogs, as we loved the simple but beautiful structure of the site.  Then I transferred all of her photos and information from her old site to create this new website. The website is extremely simple to navigate, with beautiful visuals to accompany it. 

Ashely decided to purchase my maintenance plan at the end, so that if she had any further work to be added to the website it would be done within the day.


  • Template Based, Simple Blogging Website
  • Domain Pointing
  • Basic Training Videos on how to Edit Squarespace

Easy Navigation
Brand Colors

The Result

Blondies Buddies new website is simply beautiful, with an easy to navigate main menu. All of the important information that she needs people to find are placed in locations that make sense.

Ashley’s 3 newest new blog posts are placed right on the home page so that clients are able to see any new information that she shares.

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