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Certified Floor Inspection

Certified Floor Inspection

Floor Installation in Texas & Louisiana

Website Completion: January  2021

Project Type: Help! Fix My Problem

A Help! Fix My Problem Project

Dennis, the owner of Certified Floor Inspection in San Antonio, TX reached out to me at the end of 2020. He needed help with his website to just put everything back the way that it was supposed to be. His website got software got updated, and put all of his hard DIY work all out of whack. 

The update had caused the design of the website to invert itself. The background was all white and the lettering was now blue. There was no hint of the red and black anywhere on the website. And all of the images where misplaced. 

Dennis could have spent his time redoing all of this on his own, but he decided to hire a website designer to do it so that he could focus on his work. I was able to fix his problem in an afternoon’s worth of work, as I had references to base it off of. He’s happy with the way his website looks, and he’s able to go in and modify things as he needs.

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