Emotions by Sylvain

Emotions by Sylvain

The Brief

Create a simple website that highlights his baking, and a place to share his menu.


Born in the South of France, Chef Sylvain Marrari cultivated a deep love for cooking, combining his family’s Italian heritage and an increasing passion for food. Chef then followed in France the renowed and highly regarded path of vocational culinary studies. Sylvain graduated with respective diploma from CFA Rene Villeneuve in Digne, CFA of Avignon and Avignon Hotel School. He shortly after decided to shift his focus to all things desserts, a self imposed challenge to express his creativity.

Scope of Work

Tools Used:


Sylvain worked with me through a contact to create a brand new website for this french pastry shop that he was opening up in Miami. 

This 5 page information website highlights his story, as well as uses photos of his pastries. The menu page has all of the information on what goes into his creations so that people know exactly what they are getting.