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June 1, 2020

The Case

In 2017, Cindy of FITA Archers of PA reached out to me having heard from a mutual friend that I have created websites. Their website at that time required a lot of HTML knowledge. Which was not easy to navigate as well as a poor design element. Leading to a lot of archers not knowing where to look to get the information that they needed. I created the initial website in Wix, but then in 2020 got their permission to redesign the website in WordPress using Elementor. This allowed me to create a simple site that is extremely user friendly for people of all ages. Allowing them to be able to find the information that they require. From finding ranges to shoot at, tournaments, results, and records, to an easy way to get in contact with the board members.

Cindy wanted the website to be simple to navigate and straight forward so that every archer, no matter their age, could find their way around. She gave me free rein to do the work, and to let her know when it was done so she could see it before it went live.

Cindy’s Requirements:

  • Simple Design
  • Maintenance and Self-Management Ability
  • Using Previous Content, and Expand Upon it
  • Up and Running ASAP


Transferring the site information from Wix took a few days. Selecting a basic template, which was Elementor friendly, then creating the site took a few more days after that. Because I had all of the previous information from the Wix website getting everything onto the proper pages was easy.

The website was designed to be easy to navigate. With the use of Elementor, some additional sections where added to the home page that gave a little bit more information; image breaks, A note from the president, the location of future tournaments, and their information.

The Result

Using the Simple Archery Template as a base FITA Archers has gotten a lot of praise for the easy navigation, and simple layout.

Archers are easily able to find the information that they desire, with the ability to submit questions right away.

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