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Help! Fix My Problem

August 2020

The Case

Website Completion: August 2020

Project Type: Help! Fix My Problem

Cindy, the owners daughter of Middletown Archery was having some problems with their original website, which was created in 2014. Her frustrations came from the fact that it would not allow them to edit the pages, or add any new information. With these frustrations happening for years, Cindy reached out to me saying enough, that she needed some help with her club’s website.

While looking through their old website, I had noted several times that WordPress was giving a notice about a fatal error. Any time that I would try to add or changer something about the website, it would give the error, even if I was just trying to add a very basic plug in. After attempting to rectify the issue, it became clear that redesigning the website was the only way to get the website to work.

Cindy’s Requirements:

  • Same Presentation as the Old Website
  • Ability to Update


The most important deliverable was to make a functioning website. One that allows for updating, editing the pages, and other needs of the website to keep the information fresh.

The other important deliverable was to make the website have the same structure as the old one. This structure is one that their members are familiar with, which allows for them to find information quickly.

I had also made it so that the information was located in multiple locations, to make it even easier for customers to find information that they needed. 

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