Prana Zone

Prana Zone

The Brief

Create a website based that highlights their Pain Management services.


Pain is debilitating, crippling and unfortunately inevitable. Sooner or later we all experience it, physically or emotionally. We at Prana Zone, help people manage it most effectively using a combination of cutting edge pain management techniques and ancient practices that have stood the test of time. We know how hard it is and we are here for you to help you achieve goals that are important to you, regardless of your current fitness level. We want to help as many of you out there who are open to using such methods in conjunction with the current medical plan that you may be pursuing, to help you achieve your fitness and pain management goals! We use and teach techniques that help you take charge of your pain mentally, physically and emotionally and bring vitality with each mindful breath. Do reach out to us!

Priyanka & Anupam Varma

Scope of Work

For Prana Zone, the goal was to create a simple, modern website design that features their new services which would allow them to update the site on their own.

Tools Used:


They wanted their visitors to be able to easily find the services that they were interested in, and register for the classes through their Acuity scheduling application.

We initially focused on solidifying their brand colors, using the colors form their existing logo, finding a contrast color, and choosing fonts that all fit in with their energy. 

What was done:

  • Brand Element Finalization
  • Moodboard Creation
  • Homepage Mock up to show them a basic layout
  • Full 5 page website and a link that goes to their off site blog
  • Elementor Based WordPress Website
  • Embedding their Acuity Scheduling booking calendar into the site
  • Once site was complete, Social Media templates were created using Canva for them to promote their business