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Miami, Florida

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October 2021

Additional Services:

  • Product Creation
  • Footer Creation
  • Shop Page Creation 

Sophie with ROOT Mindful Nutrition is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, based in Miami, Florida. She came to me for help to design new landing pages for her brand new products that she was creating. While working together on these pages through a DIY Support, where I’d create the elements, and the layout and she’d add the photos that she wanted to use, we were able to create some absolutely beautiful landing pages that stuck with her brand.

  • Juice Cleanse
  • Meal Reset Plan
  • Healthy Cravings

These products look absolutely delicious and I highly recommend her. She is super focused on helping you get the best nutrition.

There were also the additions of finding new brand colors, creating a shop page, a footer for her website, and a landing page designed for Instagram use instead of Link Tree. The importance of the landing page instead of using Link Tree is that it drives a natural organic traffic to your website via you Instagram Bio link. 

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