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Miami, FL

Website Design, Branding Guidelines

March 26th, 2021

Additional Services: 

  • Organized their Database
  • Created Social Profiles:
    • Youtube
    • Instagram
    • Facebook Page
    • LinkedIn

A Website Redesign Project

Shomust Music Solutions is an original music producing company with 40+ artists.

They are featured in BBC, American Masters, PBS, Investigation Discovery, CNN International, and many of the CBS shows! It’s very likely that you have heard some of their work if you listen to any of these!

They wanted a new modernized website for their company. One that featured the music that they create, while showcasing the clients that they work with. 

Being in the music business, a lot of their clients work in dark rooms so they really wanted to make sure that their website was easy to look at when they were getting access to their library.

I was able to tap into the energy of their business immediately and was able to get the draft of their site done in two days. From their they updated the copy they wanted on the site and moved a few of the images around until everything was exactly the way they wanted.

  • Modern
  • Easy to Read in a Dark Room
  • Music Directly on Website

Logo Designed by Marian Buswell.

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