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The French Horn Collective

Miami, Florida

Website Design, Help! Fix My Problem

What an absolutely amazing time this has been! I love working with The French Horn Collective. The founder, Vincent Raffard, is so very talented in what he does!

Vincent and I have been working together since May 2021 on small DIY Support projects. These projects have been a lot of fun. The biggest one was creating the landing page, shop, and product for their brand new album release of Sound Wave

Some other projects have been:

  • Editing the Navigation Menu
    • Creating Media Tabs
  • Redesigning the Discography Page
  • Editing and adding new design elements to the homepage

Please go check out his website and listen to all of the amazing songs he and his band have created!

New Website Redesign

December 2021

We decided to completely redo his website to update a lot of the information that was being presented. During this time I have also been helping him with his social media. There is a drastic difference between before I started working with him, and afterwards. This is one of the projects that I have greatly enjoyed, and I’ll continue to enjoy working on in the future.

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