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The Case

Laurence and his co-worker Andrew of USAnswer reached out to me needed their website redesigned. They noticed that any potential client that was going on their website quickly turned away because of the unpersonalized design and content they had. They were losing hundreds of dollars a month because of this. 

Laurence knew what he wanted the website to look like, and wanted to be heavily involved with the process. Offering his input at every corner. He wanted a new logo that was simple, popped, and had the United States outlined. He wanted the rest of the website to be straightforward and quick to process through. From the time a potential client clicks on the website to when they click ‘submit payment’. He also wanted to implement SEO to get to his goal of getting onto the first page of Google.

Laurence’s Requirements:

  • Complete Redesign
  • SEO
  • Uses ‘Retro Girl’
  • New Logo

Website Elements

Starting with an Elementor friendly template, I created a completely customized website for them. They wanted to keep the majority of the content that they had from their previous website, but they wanted me to go over the copy and edit it accordingly.

While creating the logo for them, a few iterations were created, which lead to the rest of the branding structure for the website.  As for SEO, a lot research about their local market is being done to increase their search ranking.

Social Media Templates

Modifications are made to these templates using Canva.

Visit their Social:

Instagram: USAnswer.liveansweringservices

Facebook: USAnswer Inc

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